About us – Progressives are NOT Liberals

Welcome to The Illiberal Liberal, where we discuss recent ongoing events in the United States and around the world in light of Classical Liberalism.


Our basic premise is this:

Modern “progressive liberals” and social justice warriors are not really liberals, not in the sense of classical liberalism (e.g. see Sargon of Akkad’s Illiberal Liberalism). They basically violate every tenet of classic liberalism.

I tend to be a centrist. Both the Right and Left like to play the victim. And if there is one common thread on this site: it is a rejection of the modern pandemic of the “victim mentality” mindset.

The goal of this site is to challenge the dominant “Progressive” narrative, before it becomes too late. Before the progressives hijack all Liberal ideology. True liberals, more reasoned and moderate voices, are needed.


Why you ask? Well … :

The Left is eating itself. Of course, the Right isn’t any better, with extremists of their own. The fringes on both sides are equally ridiculous.

Those modern progressives are basically extremists, and have about as much in common with traditional liberal principles as tea partiers in the U.S. have with traditional conservative ideals. Most of Western civilization is founded on classical liberal principles, which are incumbent throughout modern conservative and liberal ideologies. Really, we are all mostly some variant of classical liberals in the modern West, even the conservatives.

What fucked things up, like usual, were that extremists were able to infiltrate and hijack things. In this case, it was extremists on the left that basically hijacked classical liberal ideals. The cultural Marxists, if you will. Much like world-war-2 era fascists hijacked conservative ideals. It’s ironic how much the two have in common, hence the Horseshoe Theory.

Victim mentality is part of the accepted philosophy in the modern Western world. Everyone else is to blame, not ourselves. The reality is that both ends of the political spectrum are just as bad about pointing the finger, blaming others for their struggles in life. It’s one thing to critique, it’s another thing to use it as an excuse. The left blames the patriarchy or sexism, the right blames homosexuals or atheism. Two sides of the same coin.

Perhaps this is the cause of the Rise of the Cultural Libertarians … of course, Libertarians may be the closest thing left to true classical Liberals in the West.


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