Illiberal Protestors – Feels before Reals

It is ironic when the “face” of modern-day Liberalism becomes a 16-year-old boy staring down a police officer, not for the sake of any specific demands, but simply because of its appearance. Because it “looks cool” or is the popular thing to do or say. The Chicago Tribune this week posted an article paying homage to these very actions by a wave of young, new protestors they label “passionate” and “fearless”.

A quick read through the quotes of these young “activists” is a whirlwind tour in the sheer vapidity of their cause, and the vacuous reasons they pursue them.

“I thought of it right on the spot,” Reccord said of the stare-downs. “The first faceoff was like 30 minutes long. Something just triggered in my head. Was I trying to provoke the officer? Not at all. It’s not worth it. The (cornerstone) of the protest is to make sure they don’t shoot another Laquan McDonald. … That’s the reason why I protest.”

I am not sure when being misinformed became a point of admiration? Or whether there is any appreciation amongst the protestors for the classical Liberal principles that gave them this free society they live in today, possibly one of the most free in history? Or whether crying-babythey realize that there is value in paying heed to the wisdom of those who do understand classical Liberal principles? If the aim is to rectify persistent inequities in the system, then we should use those tools at our disposal. That requires strategic thinking, not false bravado

But, of course, all of that goes by the wayside of anger. Feels before realz.

Pay no heed to the reality that most blacks are the victims of black-on-black violence. Why stare down a gang member who actually kills young people in your neighborhood, when you could stare down a random cop. No, better to do things that have no tangible effect towards the actual issues, because they make you feel good. And then let the illiberal progressives celebrate that as “progress”.

I wrote about the Laquan McDonald case previously and the illiberal reaction to it. The above protestors, and the lauding they receive by the media, is merely an extension of that.

It is a tradition of budding authoritarian societies to applaud certain feel-good behaviors over rationalism. To applaud a capitulation to group-think. It is emotion-versus-logicin their collectivist nature. And Progressives are indeed the descendents of cultural Marxists.

Which is not to label Progressives as some sort of Nazis … no I won’t play the Shaming Language Game they themselves are so fond of. The point is that extremists on both ends of the political spectrum are more similar to each other in terms of tactics than moderates in the middle, something known as Horseshoe Theory. And what is disturbing about their tactics – the silencing of opponents through shaming, “political correctness” as a way to stifle debate, and other totalitarian techniques – is how similar modern-day Progressives are to right-wing fascists in the way they use such propaganda techniques to promote their agenda. Indeed, even the lauding by media of protests and censorship is disturbingly familiar.

And so we have reached a point where meaningless “stare downs” have become the ultimate expression of Liberal ideas? Where protestors don’t even have tangible demands, nor act not out of logic or rational self-interest, but rather based on what “feels good”? This is modern-day Liberalism?

Yeah, I don’t fucking think so. I have never heard something so illiberal. Take the rational self-interest out of Liberalism, and it is not longer Liberalism. Replace it with collective “feel goods”, and it is no longer Liberalism. It is what we call Progressivism.

It is merely yet another example of why Progressives are not Liberals. Everything in this world is about power. Even things that claim to not be about power, like feminism or SJWs or Progressivism, are really about power. Make no mistake.

Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power. – Oscar Wilde

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