The Betrayal of Millennials: Patriarchal Principles and Freedom

The Guardian released an article today discussing the 30-year economic and social betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income. To quote:

“The full scale of the financial rout facing millennials is revealed today in exclusive new data that points to a perfect storm of factors besetting an entire generation of young adults around the world.”

The article discusses the economic and social factors that are leading millennials to become the first generation in modern history that will be worse off than their parents. The question is: Why?

Generation-Gap-millennials-economics millienial-economics

Another Blogger RedPillGirl coincidentally made a post today about having a “real life Red Pill moment”, meeting an older man who was your typical hard-working, white male who likes masculine things and is always willing to lend a hand. He told her:

How he felt about being a white male in America today. How many times his company had the lowest bid, but was still passed over so the contract could go to a minority. How he felt frustrated that it was OK for people to say almost anything anymore — except — if they had his value system or his beliefs. How it felt to go from the “typical American man” to the embodiment of “the problem.”

And within those words lies the subtle truth of why millennials are worse off than their parents … that we no longer live in a world where respect is earned, effort and reward are clearly connected, facts are favored over “feelings”, and meritocratic principles reign supreme.

All of those things are decried now as “patriarchal”.

The fact of the matter is that the Progressive assault on classical liberal principles and individual empowerment has borne fruit. Weakness has become a form of strength, where Leadership3“victims” are more respected than those who work hard and are ruthlessly effective. Where feminists and SJWs have redefined success as “what feels good”. Where Orwellian though-speak overrides the free expression of critical ideas. We have traded strength for mediocrity.

And in our efforts to empower the weak, we have in the end empowered no one.

African-Americans and minorities in the U.S. continue to struggle economically, income inequality is as bad as ever, new forms of inequality have arisen (the 80% male suicide rate), and – perhaps most importantly – our children are actually worse off.

It is Friedrich Hayek’s prophecy come true. A betrayal of patriarchal principles, a betrayal of future generations. A Patriarchal Betrayal.

Now I’m not really a Donald Trump supporter by any means … I think he makes some valid points, but he’s probably not the solution to many of our problems in America. He does, however, point the way towards that path. Trump’s willingness to shed off the labels and political correctness that binds most of us is what draws people to him. He demonstrates a brazen sort of leadership. That is also what makes Progressives and Feminist/SJWs hate him … because leadership is inherently patriarchal.

liberal-intolerance    patriarchal-oppression

Interestingly, Trump is coming to Chicago this week, with the Illinois primaries coming up. The illiberal outrage is ratcheting up.

Journalist Rex Huppke wrote an article in the Chicago Tribune today about Trump’s visit. He of course devolved into the time-honored Totalitarian tactics of shaming and name-calling. I, in fact, counted dozens of examples of name-calling in the article from a cursory glance alone: xenophobic, distasteful, Nazi-ish, loud-mouthed, shred of human decency, gruff, racist, off-color, misogyny, offensive, etc. etc. etc.

Stay classy, Rex.

And of course the students and faculty at University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) where Trump’s rally is being held have already started a petition to CANCEL the event.

Because opposing free speech for people with whom you disagree is a hallmark of Liberalism and a free society …

Shades of the Black Lives Matters protesters who were inside a Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky last week, shouting and trying to unfurl a large banner. Trump supporters physically shoved them out, which probably not a smart move, but WHY were they inside the rally in the first place? To purposely be disruptive … to stifle others’ free speech.

Real liberals support free speech for everyone, even if they disagree with it. They don’t try to censor, disrupt, or shame them for having opposing views.

feelings-over-facts-progressivesPerhaps if you want to call yourself a “liberal”, you should learn how to be a Liberal first … e.g. how to have principles and adhere to them. Otherwise we are rudderless.

Principles derive from boundaries. And in groups of people, such boundaries inevitably come from leadership. And leadership is patriarchal in nature … deriving from fathers who set limits, from men who know how to say “No”. When we betray that, we betray our sacred responsibility to the next generation.

One only needs to look at the plight of Millennials to see the evidence.

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4 Responses to The Betrayal of Millennials: Patriarchal Principles and Freedom

  1. Very true your points about how freedom of speech has become “sjw defined acceptable” freedom of speech. Ironically by demanding some “inappropriate” speech is not OK, sjws are weakening the right to freedom of speech for all, including themselves. Freedom of speech means speech you both AGREE and DISAGREE with. Oppression of “inappropriate” speech is not freedom of speech. Who defines appropriate? It’s a slippery slope…and one we’re halfway down (or more) already!

    As a writer this infringement on freedom of speech to redefine it as only “socially acceptable” speech really, really worries me.

    But I guess that makes me a hater? 😉

    Thanks for linking to my piece, I am flattered!

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    Agreed. Socially acceptable “free speech”. Socially acceptable bigotry. It’s all quite ridiculous.

    Post like yours are important, because they capture the Red Pill wisdom of the older generation before it goes extinct. Someone has to keep the flame alive, carry the torch.

  3. I was honored he opened up to me like that! Happy I could then share it via my post!

  4. nargun says:

    Gamergate has given us the tools to defeat the militant victim industry

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