Trump – Equal and Opposite Reactions

So Donald Trump showed up in Chicago last week, where his rally was “shut down” (also this source and this) by the vociferous clamor of protestors.

trump-rally-chicago-protestors  trump-chicago-rally-protester

Is this America or George Orwell’s 1984? Either we all have free speech, or none of us do. There is no “winner” in stifling someone else’s viewpoints.

The reality is that vibrant discourse is the lifeblood of a free society. Hence, it is a core tenet of Liberalism. Free speech doesn’t mean only speech you agree with. It doesn’t mean labelling any speech you disagree with “hate speech”. It doesn’t mean trying to censor or shame others via totalitarian behavior.

Disagree with them if you want. Debate them if you must. But the moment you descend into ad-hominem attacks (i.e. name-calling) or censoring your opponent, means you have already lost.  If your opinion is so right, it should stand on its own merits … not require silencing of the opposition.

And that is where the Progressives go wrong.

hayek-freedom-individual-quote If you read Friedrich Hayek’s works, he makes a great argument that the rise of right-wing fascism in early 20th century Europe was actually a response to left-wing extremism. I think you are seeing a similar story today. Progressives on the Left think that by moving further to the Left, they can counter the Right. But the reality is that they are only making it worse.

There is a reason why Moderates are often views as the “voice of reason”.

The funny thing is that the so-called “left-wing protestors” at Trump’s rally in Chicago were playing right into Trump’s hands. The thing that draws people is his irreverence for political correctness … the backlash against the Totalitarian behavior of it. They think by being more extreme, more totalitarian, they will win.

They cannot see the forest for the trees. Extremism breeds more extremism.

In my most recent post on TRP, I pointed out how all of us, both men and Voltaire-free-speech-quotewomen, fantasize over what we don’t have. Men bear the burden of performance, women the burden of choice. Thus, men fantasize about being unconditionally loved for who they are, rather than what they do. Likewise, women fantasize about being the “chosen ones” by those men who have options.

Blue pill thinking is, in essence, a doubling down on the fantasy. A corollary to modern-day Feminist thinking. Ironically, Feminism has spent the last half-century trying to convince women that they don’t need to be chosen (“you go girl”), and trying to convince men that they shouldn’t have a choice …

But some people wake up, and question the narrative. Some dare disagree. Point out the flaws, the failings. Yet the more it fails, the more Feminists and Progressives push it. And it is everyday women and men who suffer for it, not the feminist activists and academics in their white towers … they don’t notice the equal and opposite reaction.

They cannot see the forest for the trees.

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2 Responses to Trump – Equal and Opposite Reactions

  1. “Either we all have free speech, or none of us do. ”

    Yes, yes — a thousand times yes!

    All of this is deeply disturbing. When did the liberals become proponents of censorship??? Ak! :/

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    When Progressives were allowed to usurp classical liberalism.

    It is up to us to push back against extremists within our own ranks, regardless of whether we are on the Right or Left.

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