Is the Concept of “White Privilege” an Attack on Science?

The very concept of “White Privilege” is an attempt to undermine the basic principles of evolution and biology as it applies to humans.  It is an anti-scientific position.

That may sound like a weird point, but stick with me here.

Evolution is based on the premise that parents and previous generations are essentially selfish.  Their primary goal is to maximize the success of their offspring, their children.  This means, for instance, that bear mothers don’t go sharing food with other bears’ cubs, if it means their own cubs would starve or have to do with less.  The bear mother wants to ensure her offspring are as strong and healthy and big as possible, in order so that they can survive and out-compete other bears as adults and, hopefully, reproduce themselves.

That is evolution 101.

All animals follow that same script.  Parents accumulate resources for their own children and genetic kin.  Even in social animals like wolves and baboons, where sharing of resources and effort does occur, primacy is given to one’s own children and close kin.  To the point that, if there is for example a sudden shift in power in a baboon troop, infanticide is very common.

So what does this have to do with the concept of “White Privilege”, you may ask?

The reality is that advantages given to white children in much of the West are the result of their parents and grandparents and so on following that same script – monopolizing as many resources as possible for their own childrenJust like all animals do … it’s an evolutionarily smart move.  Those advantages are really just the result of smart choices made by their ancestors.

Some may argue that black or other minority children in the United States suffer from “historical disadvantages” like poverty or lack of education or wealth.  And while that is undeniably true on average, the reality is that even that stems from historical choices: white Europeans developed guns and long-range ships and conquered the world before anyone else.  And then they made sure to monopolize resources for their children like any good parent would do.  If black Africans had developed those technologies first and conquered the world, they would have done the same thing.

Prioritizing your own offspring is not a “social construct”.  It has nothing to do with race, or racism.  It is how all animals behave.

The concept of “White Privilege” in that sense is really just a twisted distortion of evolutionary principles … it is not “privilege”, it is what you are supposed to do.  What evolution has programmed us to do.

Indeed, the notion of privilege as used by Progressives and SJWs is really just an attempt to turn good parenting into a bad thing, to make people feel guilty that their ancestors were more successful than others.

This all conflicts with Classical Liberalism, which is rooted in Empiricism and rational self-interest.  Undermining basic evolutionary principles is an attack on scientific rationale.  On empirical reasoning.  Progressives and SJWs are really trying to get people to behave in ways that goes against their best interests.  To think non-empirically.

There was a fascinating article in the Chicago Tribune last week about the “Elect Black Women” movement and the push to get Stacy Abrams (a black woman) elected governor of Georgia, and about the cognitive dissonance starting to bubble up around Identity Politics.  To quote from the article:

Perri Chandler got dressed up to celebrate Stacey Abrams’ success in Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary last week by donning a black T-shirt that read “Elect Black Women.” It was a defiant statement at a time when liberals are having a heated internal debate about whether a focus on “identity politics” is driving some white voters to support Donald Trump and candidates who mirror his style and policies.

It is funny since I wrote about the American Left’s increasing alienation of whites and Trump nearly two years ago.  Abrams actually beat a white woman in the primary to win the nomination.  As many of you may know, young single white women are predominantly liberal (at least by their own definition) and vote democratic in the United States.  It will be interesting to see how they react over time if they start to see women of other races taking resources and opportunities away from their own children.

Except we don’t have to wait to see.  One of the really interesting phenomena in the United States is in large liberal cities like New York and Chicago and Seattle, where affluent white Progressives in those places who talk a big game about equality  don’t actually send their kids to public schools in those places – they predominately send them to elite private schools (source here).  In fact Seattle is one of the most racially segregated cities in the United States.

All of this goes back to my main point: parents do what is best for their own offspring and genetic kin.  They try to maximize resources and opportunity for them.  And from an evolutionary standpoint, or a scientific one, that is what they should be doing.  It is the empirically rational thing to do as an evolving living organism.

Arguments otherwise are really just an attempt to obfuscate this point.  To create terms like “privilege” to demonize rational behavior.  To convince others to behave in non-rational ways.  To gain power through weakness.  A perversion of power.

And none of that has absolutely anything to do with encouraging individual endeavor.  It is NOT liberal whatsoever.  An inherently illiberal position.

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