Barbarians at the Gates – The Way of Men

For how incredibly smart many male scientists are, it is amazing how ignorant and brain-washed they are about male behavior and psychology.

In his recent book about ancient DNA and human population history, entitled Who We Are and How We Got Here, David Reich relates the story of early genetic work on the population history of the Indian subcontinent, which showed discrepancies between the mitochondrial DNA (passed down through mothers) and Y-chromosome DNA (passed down through fathers).  There was some sort of “event” or series of events several thousand years ago, which led to the maternal DNA being almost entirely drawn from native Indian populations that pre-dated that time, but the paternal DNA showing a large portion from western Eurasians.  Those western Eurasians, likely the same group known as the “Aryans” in Vedic literature, were descended from the same Indo-European lineages that settled Europe.  In short, modern Indians are largely a mix of native female lineages and immigrant male lineages from that period. 

Reich suggests that this discrepancy was deeply “confusing” for a long time, and didn’t make sense.  He goes on to suggest that they eventually realized that the female immigrants must have not left many children, and perhaps the discrepancy was due to male-female power imbalances, aka “the patriarchy”.

Of course, the simplest answer was that those “male immigrants” were actually invaders.  Barbarians at the gates.

It is very possible they brought few females along.  And after swarming into India, they gradually monopolized sexual resources for themselves.  In fact, one could easily argue that the manifestation of that process was Hinduism and the caste system that persists in India till today.  Particularly when you realize those western Eurasians would have likely been lighter skinned than most native Indians.  It is simply the process of male sexual strategy playing out.

But what is amazing about this is just how far off the radar scientists like Reich are, simply because they seem completely ignorant of the fundamental nature of male psychology or sexual strategy.  Brainwashed by modern Feminism to see those products of evolution as “evil”.  Unless one is a practicing scientist, you often don’t see how much dogma and prior beliefs can taint the findings of even the most brilliant scientist.  Even they are not immune to the realities and foibles of human nature.

There is interesting book by Jack Donovan, entitled The Way of Men, its central premise being that men have evolved to create gangs and “defend the border”.  This principle lies at the heart of male psychology in humans.  You can see similar behavior in our closest primate cousins, chimpanzees.

In Reich’s book discussed in the first section, he also points out several modern day examples of the “Barbarian at the Gate” phenomenon: 1) the fact that South American Latinos have a 50:1 ratio of their European DNA coming from males, or 2) the 4:1 ratio in African Americans of European DNA coming from males.  This phenomenon can be seen throughout history and the world.  The Yamnaya (a widespread ancient Indo-European culture that invaded Europe) had just a few male lineages but hundreds of female ones. The overwhelming presence of Bantu male lineages and local female lineages across African peoples.  The fact that nearly 1 in 10 East Asian men have Mongol heritage.  Ethnic Han Chinese male heritage has a similar out-weighted genetic dominance in China.

The point of all this is that this is exactly why men have an innate desire to form gangs and defend the borders.  Lest other men come in and take our women, and exclude us from breeding.  This is also the exact reason most men have such a visceral reaction against mass waves of immigrants in the modern West. At least those not brainwashed by feminism.

Those immigrants are the modern-day barbarians at the gates.  And, although exact numbers are hard to pin down, they are mostly male … with recent immigrants to Europe for instance anywhere from 62% (according to Time magazine) to 72% male (according to London’s Financial Times).  There are those who try to argue that is not the case, by cherry-picking data only looking at Syrian immigrants in a narrow time frame, but we’ll ignore that.

Despite the shaming about racism or white supremacy or other Progressive demagoguery, the visceral reaction of native born men in Europe and the United States to this wave of young male immigration is perfectly natural.  In fact, it is entirely in their own rational self-interest, from a classical liberal perspective.  Likely a response bred into them by millions of years of evolution, a psychology that made their male ancestors successful.  Because men who didn’t defend the border were largely washed away from a genetic standpoint. 

History tells us that lesson, repeatedly.  Indeed, from a scientific standpoint, the observational evidence is overwhelming.  But the real lesson here is the dangers of scientists applying modern day social mores to the realities of biology, evolution, and human behavior.  Not only does it cause misunderstandings, but it can have a punitive effect on people who buy into the dogma, with real-world consequences.

Even science can blur into brain-washing, if we are not careful.

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9 Responses to Barbarians at the Gates – The Way of Men

  1. Agree that men must be able to defend the walls/borders but this, from a recent post at CH, is important as well:

    The key will be just how disloyal White women are to their White men, which is equivalent to asking how disloyal White women will be to their nation, for a nation is the sum total of men’s collective purpose and ambition, and America is the sum total of White men’s collective vision.

    The only real way to ensure white women’s loyalty to white men starts with repealing the 19th. Taking away women’s legal ability to stab their own men in the back and then making them dependent on those men for survival is how White America will survive.

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    Fair point KH, although I am of the opinion that no women are truly loyal. Hence Rollo Tomassi’s “War Brides” theory.

  3. Sabine women all of them. TBH I don’t think we’re getting out of this peacefully. It’s gonna get hot.

  4. Velen Taha says:

    Great post! Small error though, you wrote “times magazine” instead of TIME magazine. Also i was wondering what your stance was on how to deal with this biological response as an individual? Should it be regarded as a vestigial response (like approach anxiety) which is actually getting in the way of a mans happiness? Or something that is valid should be addressed through individual action?

  5. CopperFox3c says:

    Ah yes, thank you for pointing out that typo. Fixed now.

    As to your question, I’ve said this many times before here and on TRP: Our feral nature is as much a cage as any other.

    It is incumbent for a red-pilled man to understand the current landscape and how to navigate it. So the key is to take these deep evolutionary responses we have within us and figure out how to adapt them to the modern world. I think that visceral response we have as men to outsider men is still “valid” … we are still apes essentially, just dressed up in costumes.

    The problem of course is, as you are probably aware, modern men can’t get away with acting the way Clug the Caveman did. But we can still form “gangs” by finding like-minded men, engaging in male-oriented social activities (e.g. sports, lifting, shooting, cigars, machines, etc.). I think it is actually healthy for men to do so, and women often naturally gravitate towards such groups of men.

  6. I know it is difficult for a man to comprehend the war bride mentality. But it really comes down to women are able to be conquered because they HAVE To. Perhaps some women gladly sleep with the enemy and bear their children but my guess is many don’t do so by choice. Without men at the gate to defend them, they become the spoils of war. Those who don’t cooperate are quickly filled out.

    It’s the same survival mechanism that allowed Elizabeth Smart to endure being raped daily while kidnapped or other women to survive even for over a decade, have children, etc. while kidnapped. They do it because the have to. It’s that or die. (And some likely would choose death over that, but since they don’t live to tell the story we don’t hear those tales.)

    The minute I saw the images of the hordes of people streaming into Europe I knew instantly it was an invasion. And I don’t see how it’s going to end anything but badly. Men will naturally defend their women, even if it’s “politically incorrect.” The wrong dad or husband or brother gets pushed too far and the whole thing will turn into a battle till there are none of one side still standing. I hope I am wrong. I fear I am not. Welcome back, dark ages :/

  7. That’s culled, not filled. Darn autocorrect.

  8. CopperFox3c says:

    Very True RPG. What’s amazing is how little recognition people seem to have of this phenomenom, and moreover the amount of shaming of men for their visceral reaction to hordes of other young men immigrating in.

    It is pretty clear from the evidence that that visceral reaction is an evolved trait. It’s part of why we as humans are here today.

  9. When has warrior aged men from elsewhere showing up in large numbers in your area ever been a good thing? Ever in all of history? I can’t think of an example of that going equally well for all, can you?

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