Progressives – The Totalitarians of the Left

An interesting article came out in England yesterday in the Daily mail, discussing how 2015 was the year Feminists lost the plot. It was an intriguing piece, highlighting a number of incidents over the past couple years. From Emma Totalitarianism-word-cloudSulkowicz and her outrageous false rape claims and narcissistic mattress/porn reenactment stunts. To Charlotte Proudman and her “don’t give me a compliment you misogynistic asshole” rants. And then on to the Tim Hunt case and how a single black woman lecturer can ruin an accomplished scientist’s career (looking at you Connie St. Louis), based on her impeccable credentials of being black and being a woman.

Setting aside whether one can really say this all started in 2015, the piece is a tour-de-force examination of the present-day Doctrine of the Minority. Or perhaps we should call it the tyranny of the minority. Victimhood disguised as a form of power.

Everything in this world, my friends, is about power. Even things that claim to not be about power, like Feminism or SJWs, are really about power. Make no mistake.

The modern day “victim mentality” is, in fact, a play for power. The thing the author of the Daily Mail article (Sarah Vine) gets wrong is that she thinks Feminists and progressives are fiddling their thumbs, watching Rome burn as Nero did, when they should be focusing on real issues. The problem is that the real issue here is not equality, or rights, or freedoms … the real issue is about power.

Why? Well it has to do with who is controlling the dominant cultural narrative. Let me explain …

It is always in the interest of those who are “winning” the dominant cultural narrative contest to stifle debate. They tend to do so thru censoring and shaming language. The term for that is totalitarianism.

Doesn’t matter your political persutotalitarianism-witch-huntsasion, left or right or whatever. Once you gain power thru shaping the cultural narrative, the extremists within your ranks will veer towards totalitarian behavior (see this excellent example given by Dr. Janice Fiamengo). It is a subtle way to maintain power without appearing to do so, by simply shaping the dialogue and what is and is not acceptable for debate.

Ironically, it was the classical liberals – Locke, Voltaire, Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, etc. – who tried to create a political and economic philosophy that rejected such behavior, even though it is the modern day progressives on the left who are as guilty of totalitarianism as any other. Just goes to show you that Horseshoe Theory is a very real thing.

The danger, my friends, is not your opponent, rather it is extremism in any form. A truly liberal society, a free democracy, requires vibrant discourse. Totalitarianism stands in direct opposition to this.  And that is yet another example of why modern-day Progressives are NOT truly liberals.

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