Bill Cosby and the Progressive Lynch Squad

The Chicago Tribune yesterday published an article holding up Bill Cosby as an exemplar of rape culture and misogyny. Nevermind the fact Bill Cosby has yet to be convicted. He has been accused. Court proceedings are underway. Now, I don’t know if Cosby is guilty. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But the thing is, neither does anyone else. Including the Chicago Tribune or the article’s author Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

Mr. Hutchinson even goes so far to proclaim that:

“Cosby is the classic textbook example of how men who are alleged to commit rape routinely get away with it.”

Right, because a man that has yet to even be convicted of a crime is a textbook example of it?? Uh, no.

You see, according to thSnake-eating-taile Chicago Tribune and Mr. Hutchinson, the principle of innocent before guilty is dead in the United States. A victim of Identity Politics. And not only that, people NOT YET proven guilty are fair game to Progressives. Shaming language and the court of public opinion used to displace individual rights with a collectivist game of hot potato.

It is such a slap in the face of any true classical Liberal, it’s like a creationist claiming to be an advocate of evolution … “but everything you are saying is the exact opposite of evolution!!”

The real kicker is that it is a black man Earl Ofari Hutchinson – one who has benefited from liberal principles being applied to Western civilization – that is attacking Cosby, purely for the reason that he is the wrong gender. Because women are always the victim, men always the perpetrator. Of course, we use to say the same thing about white people (victim) and black people (perpetrator) when disputes happened … le sigh. The irony here is almost delectable. Can’t make this shit up, folks.

This is Identity Politics at its worst, my friends. Progressives eating one of their own. The echoes of the classic novel 1984 are almost too clear.

True liberals must stand up to this inanery. This mockery of what liberalism means. Otherwise, we will suffer the same backlash the right wing did in Europe post WWII. The reality is that classical liberalism has a rich intellectual heritage. A framework of individual freedoms and self-determination that is carefully crafted to create incentives for the greater good. And that necessitates a consideration of the consequences of political action and thought. Unfortunately, that is lost on progressives like Mr. Hutchinson. They see only the immediate cause and effect. Only the trees, rather than the forest.

And if that is the future of liberalism, my friends, then the future is bleak.

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