Lies of Omission – Progressives and the “Wizard behind the Curtain”

If you want to understand someone – whether it be a woman, a politician, or a Progressive – don’t listen to what they say … watch what they do.

wizard-behind-the-curtainI’ll be honest … the Chicago Tribune is an endless source of entertainment for me. Not for the quality of their journalistic investigation, no, but for their ability to constantly contradict themselves. It’s not really their fault though … it is simply that the Chicago Tribune has thrown its lot in with Progressive positions that contradict themselves.

But my real point is this:

It is not what we can see, but the things we omit, that truly define us.

For it is the things we purposely omit that bother us the most. Let’s take several examples this week from the Tribune. First, the Tribune writes an article about the fact that nearly half of young black men are unemployed in Chicago (which is ridiculously high). They lament the disparity relative to other races, namely whites and Hispanics. Nowhere in the article do they point out that among all races, the unemployment rate among twenty-something women is significantly lower than men, although they do note the averages for each race later, which are conspicuously lower than the male unemployment rates. But they never explicitly mention it. No no no, race is the only problem here.

Then the Tribune publishes an article the same day by Dahleen Glanton, making the link between unemployed young black men and violent crime. She points out issues with single parent households, and a lack of male role models. But she again omits something war-on-boys-1important: the discrepancy between the unemployment rate of young men and women. These are the fruits of the War on Boys … reap what you sow.

And of course, the Tribune’s earlier coverage of the Laquan McDonald shooting by a police officer, has led to a “fetal” approach to policing that is inadvertently leading to more black deaths, not less. Tribune reporter John Kass at least tried to raise the issue recently in the linked op-ed … but after months of sensationalizing the case and glamorizing the subsequent protests, it seems a tad late for the Tribune to make up for omitting the clear consequences.

And so we have multiple cases of omission. Why, you ask? Simple answer: Identity Politics.

The fact that young women have a lower unemployment rate than men for all races doesn’t fit the progressive Identity Politics narrative. OMITTED. The fact that this leads to an increase in violence among young black males. OMITTED. The problem that blaming/protesting police for mistakes made during policing – even when the individual cops were held responsible – leads to less potent attempts to reduce crime, and inadvertently to more black-on-black deaths. OMITTED. Well mostly on the last one, I’ll give reporter John Kass credit for at least trying to raise the issue in his article.

The reality is, these lies of omission here in Chicago are just a microcosm of the broader world, and the consequences of Progressive’s distortion of Liberalism upon it. It is not the things they say, but the things they omit, that define them.

You probably want some graphs, well the Chicago Tribune only gave us the two below, which of course is meant to highlight how black men are afflicted by the issue.

Chicago-black-unemployment-by-gender Chicago-male-unemployment-by-race

They buried the other numbers deep in the text of the article (originally from this report from the Univ. of Illinois-Chicago, buried in Table 3 in the appendix), so I pulled the unemployed/not-in-school data out for twenty-somethings in Chicago, and made the graph below:Chicago-male-female-unemployment-gapThe data follows a similar pattern in New York. In all fairness though, the disparities are less pronounced in Illinois overall. The simple fact of the matter is that more traditional rural areas have yet to experience the full brunt of it. Either way, none of this is surprising, given the fall of real wages for less educated workers and the fact that there is a significant higher-education degree gap for men:

male-female-degree-gap wages-gender-education

Boom, data.

Such lies of omission are only sustainable for limited time periods. The disingenuity allows for the creation of perverse incentives for individual behavior that runs at odds to the greater good of society. Extremists within the favored groups begin to engage in Totalitarian behavior. Eventually, suspect individuals take advantage of those incentives in self-serving ways. And individuals who realize they’ve been disenfranchised simply for being born part of the “wrong group” begin to push back.

It is reflection of the logical inconsistencies of Identity Politics. Of progressives and SJWs. It is also an inherently unstable system.

Which is why the potential presidential candidacy of Michael Bloomberg is such an interesting case. Various pundits are ascribing it as a reactionary move to extremism on the ends of the political spectrum – Trump in the right-wing case and Sanders in the Michael-Bloomberg-honestyleft-wing case. But in reality it is not simply about the moderates in America feeling left out by the political wings … rather it’s a reactionary move to the disingenuity entailed.

You see, when the Doctrine of the Minority reaches a point where it begins to trump the Doctrine of Individualism, it becomes difficult for middle-ground folks to ignore. Because they are the individuals affected. They are the ones without jobs. The ones with stagnant wages. Mounting debt. The 99% who have to learn new pronouns. Whose viewpoints are disparaged as “intolerant”. Whose speech is silenced in the name of “feelings” and political correctness. Whose boys, white or black, suffer the consequences.

Lies of omission will only take you so far. Especially when those lies hurt the ones you claim to want to help. A progressive “House of Cards”, it is. The irony is palpable.

I disagree with a victim mentality in general … we can all claim to be victims in some way or another. Rather, I believe all things in this world are about power. We must raise ourselves up. Hyper-individualism at its core. The danger of society is that of society to itself, from within. The irony is that when we diminish the capacity of individuals to pursue such self-determination in the name of the greater good, we in fact undermine the greater good.

The ridiculous level of unemployment amongst young males in Chicago, and the subsequent violence it manifests, is harsh evidence of this truth.

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