Topple the Patriarchy

jill-soloway-topple-the-patriarchyAt this week’s Emmy Award Shows, the creator of the show Transparent, Jill Soloway went on a rant while giving an award acceptance speech, finally chanting “topple the patriarchy” near the end of it (video).

The ironic thing is that without the “patriarchy” and masculine men willing to fight for, defend, and die for our civilization, Jill would probably be DEAD.

You know what ISIS and other muslim countries do to homosexual and transgender people like Jill Soloway? They bind their hands behind their backs and throw them off rooftops to their deaths.  The only thing that stops them (and others like them) are men building up our civilization and fighting for our way of life.

dday-soldiersJill Soloway and those like her owe their lives and the freedom to live an “alternative” lifestyle to the very thing they decry – masculine men acting like men. It’s by their grace that they are protected. For if men stopped and walked away, how long would our way of life last? And do they think they could protect themselves when our legal mechanisms that extend from such patriarchal endeavors are replaced with pure violence and aggression?  Yet they choose to bite the hand that feeds them.

It is like watching a teenager bitch and moan about her father’s curfew and rules. With no appreciation that those things go hand in hand with the safety and security his home provides.  Money doesn’t grow on trees … and neither does freedom.

iraq-soldiers2  Inside Iraq

This example underscores how many progressives in the West (including transgenders and homosexuals) are the very definition of Privilege they rail against.  They live in a world free of consequences, and disdain the very things that give them the freedom to live as they do.

Indeed, I would posit the true definition of “privilege” is living in an environment where your actions are no longer correlated with your outcomes.  Rather than the Liberal ideal of personal industriousness leading to success or failure, the Progressive slant is that people should be able to do whatever they want and the amorphous “state” will take care of the consequences. Yet that state only exists so long as there are men willing to defend it, and to pay for it. Indeed, men pay most of the taxes in any society while women accrue most of the benefits, i.e. the Gender Tax Gap.


Now I don’t necessarily have any beef with people who are homosexual or whatever, but I would say this: maybe their gay pride parades – rather than be some celebration of hedonism – be better served as a celebration of the men and women who die fighting to protect the freedoms that let homosexuals and transgenders live as they do within our free society? Just a thought.

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