Diversity of Thought – The Most Valuable Kind of Diversity

It is rather ironic that “diversity” in our current Progressive era generally means how someone looks.  Or perhaps what hangs between their legs.  Diversity has literally come to mean color, shape, genitalia, outward sexual behavior, appearance, etc. This even spills over into the dating world, which I will get to below …

Or in short, “diversity” is currently defined by Progressives in the shallowest terms possible.

When it comes to what lies inside, opinions or thoughts, there is no heed given to “diversity”.   There is only one “truth”, and any viewpoint that deviates from that acceptable line of thought is deemed politically incorrect, or misogyny, or racism, or Nazism, or whatever shaming language you can throw out there.

Yet is not true diversity embodied by what lies inside us, within our minds, rather than without?  Is not are outward appearance and behavior merely a reflection of what lies beneath?

Ironically, one of the defining features of the Nazis was not their treatment of the Jews, but rather their complete intolerance of beliefs and views other than their own.  Not racial intolerance, but totalitarianism.  It was that mob mentality that enabled all their later actions, and the persecution of the Jews. Indeed, their bigotry towards those who looked different was a manifestation of their hatred toward those who thought differently.

It is ironic then to see modern day “progressives” calling people Nazis for expressing differing opinions than them.  It is literally backwards.

In the Chicago Tribune this week, there is an article arguing that sexual harassment should be considered a hate crime .  You read that correctly.

Apparently, finding a woman sexually desirable is now another form of “hating a woman”.  Someone should buy that woman a dictionary cause I am not sure she knows the meaning of words!

But all kidding aside, her main point is that we should outlaw certain types of thoughts.  By labeling them as “hate crimes”.  We can see here a very clear example of how Progressives and feminists are opposed to any sort of thinking that violates their dominant cultural narrative – that men are evil, particularly white men, and as such their behavior and thoughts underlying it must also be evil.

All of this being a simple extension of their shallow definition of diversity.  You can see them working backwards here.  By identifying a group based on their appearance, then working in reverse to condemn their behavior and thoughts.  The ultimate goal being to enforce their worldview.

Why? Because there is power in being able to control the dominant cultural narrative. The power of myths, the power of controlling how others see the world.  How other behave.  It is something organized religion first figured out thousands of years ago.

The casualty, of course, is diversity of thought.

I was out on a date last week with a girl here in Chicago.  Like many “city girls” who live here, she was vehemently “liberal” (at least by her skewed definition of the term), and has a hard time conceiving how anyone could think differently.  It literally causes massive amounts of cognitive dissonance and even anger in them.

I generally avoid discussing politics in dating situations (and in life in general), but she brought up the fact that her grandfather had voted for Trump, and seeing as I wasn’t really super attracted to her, I kind of went with it.  Asking questions, poking, prodding. Slowly teasing her past out of her.

Turns out the girl had been in a sorority, then spent her mid-twenties in New York City going out 4 or 5 times a week.  Numerous “friends-with-benefits” situations and other casual dating encounters.  You know the drill.  Typical millennial woman about to turn 30.

I, of course, started, hinting at things subtly in line with traditional gender roles and other social mores. A politically incorrect comment here or there.  A few raised eyebrows at her stories.  I tend to be a pretty open-minded guy in reality, but it was interesting to watch her get flustered.  And later a little salty.  All while I gave nothing more than a smirk.  I wasn’t following the progressive/feminist “you go girl” script.

In short, I dared to think differently.  Not sure what it is about these ultra-progressive city girl types, but they definitely don’t seem used to that.  It makes me wonder if the human female tendency towards “herd behavior” in order to increase group social cohesion plays some role?  But either way, one thing is clear: there is no room for diversity of thought in the modern feminist/progressive dogma. Or perhaps in any female centric society, who knows.

Yet, to maintain a liberal society, it is diversity of thought that should be our most treasured diversity.  Indeed, free thought – and the vibrant discourse that goes with it – are the lifeblood of a free society.

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8 Responses to Diversity of Thought – The Most Valuable Kind of Diversity

  1. Was she getting upset because you weren’t espousing the narrative/thinking differently, or was it because she thought you were judging her? They HATE that.

    How valuable is diversity of thought really, if it means including the irrational, the delusional, and the emotions barely disguised as thoughts that the Left brings to the table?

    Is a liberal society really the goal we should be shooting for? Liberalism is how we got where we are now.

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    Yeah, my MO is to pretend like I am agreeing with them, “oh that’s cool” or “yeah I did that once too”, then just keep asking questions, with the occasional unrelated comment that I know conflicts with their worldview. Basically if you let them talk themselves into a corner, they will.

    As for the rest, I believe in the “marketplace of ideas” to sort that stuff out. But you bring up a good point, and I think there is something to be said for how politics and government changed once women and women’s suffrage was brought into the fold.

  3. I too believe in the “marketplace of ideas”, but ideas like socialism and communism, which have both been tried and have failed every time need to be banned and the people espousing those ideas need to be banned as well as they always up to no good.

    Women love those ideas as they prima facie seem to promise that everyone gets taken care of and no one ends up a “loser”. Men generally know better, but the devious or just plain foolish will support them.

  4. CopperFox3c says:

    Perhaps, but I have no problem articulating my position, and out-debating ideas I disagree with.

    It is not bad ideas I am afraid of … it is “the mob” that seizes upon them that scares me. The mob mentality can cause human groups to do very bad things, in hindsight.

  5. Why spend the energy debating about already failed ideas?

    And what is at the core of any mob, someone with a bad idea. No bad idea, no mob.

  6. CopperFox3c says:

    You’re probably right, but what then is to stop the other side from shutting down ideas they see as “bad”? If you are confident in your arguments, your ideas should carry the day.

    Or to quote Voltaire: “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  7. Stopping Leftists from spreading their ideas and gaining power is how you stop them from shutting down other people’s ideas.

    Leftists will argue that water isn’t wet if it supports the Narrative and will never stop arguing it no matter how correct you are in opposing them. You don’t argue ideas with people who are trying to put you in jail for having your own ideas.

    Voltaire was heavily quoted by Leftists when the were on the “outside”, now that they control the media, the government, and much of modern industry that saying is anathema to them.

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