Google and the Rise of Asshole Liberalism

Think I might start referring to Progressives as “asshole liberals” …

I’m generally not into name-calling, so this is a more tongue-in-cheek statement than anything.  But if the recent events and lawsuit at Google tell us anything, it is how quickly we can become the very thing we despise.  The oppressed become the tyrant.

It seems to be a ubiquitous trait of those in power, of those who control the dominant Cultural Narrative.  You start out fighting for something, and once you seize the upper hand, you find yourself stifling anyone who disagrees with you in order to maintain what you’ve won.  Human nature, it lies within all of us.  Each one of us the same potential to be evil, given the opportunity.

I once had the pleasure of hearing in person a TED talk by Grammy Award winning rapper LeCrae, about the myths we tell ourselves of heroes and villains.  His point was how that shapes the way young black men view themselves.  But he unwittingly brought up a more insidious point.

There is danger in the single narrative.  And, moreover, if you can shape that narrative, you can control people.

I have written about this “enemy within” before.  And at some juncture, progressivism amongst the Millennial generation has reached that point.  Many of its adherents don’t seem to realize that convincing young people that everything is a “social construct” just makes the masses easier to control.  Tell them there is no such thing as gender – as is occurring in public schools here in Chicago (e.g. Palatine High School) – and they are like putty in your hands.  Tell them myths about gender pay disparities or the plight of housewives, and you can double your workforce, double your labor, and split the same pay amongst them (a la the middle class household income stagnation seen since the rise of feminism).  Why be shaped by biology or nature, when you can be shaped by those who seek to manipulate you?

And most importantly, let them teach you to react aggressively against anyone who might choose to think differently … any free thinker.

Chase them down. Harass them. Shame them. Shut down their speech.  The James Damore lawsuit against Google exposes what this looks like in the present day – replete with examples of this brand of Asshole Liberalism.

To be frank, all the examples and screenshots in the Damore lawsuit (linked above) are shocking, and nothing I would ever want to be associated with.  They reflect clearly how the attitudes and behavior of these modern-day “liberals” (aka Progressives) are NOT really liberal at all, not in a classical liberal sense.

More critically, a common trend that seems to be emerging is that many men don’t want to be “liberals”, at least not in the progressive sense.  We can see this in the results of the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election, with Trump holding a double digit advantage over Hillary among men (52% vs. 41%).  That includes 63% of white men (a 2:1 margin), but more men of every single ethnicity voted conservative than women.

Yet even beyond those voter demographics, we see the tell-tale signs elsewhere.  Just look at the shifting candidate platforms of the parties, the increased progressive female candidates the democrats are putting up, who mostly all favor increased taxation and more government service spending, more subsidized childcare, more tax exemptions for women … hell they even want to run Oprah for president now.  None of these female candidates are true classical liberals.  No liberal from fifty years ago or more would even recognize them as such.

And even when a female candidate says something common sense, if she is conservative, she gets lambasted and booed in many places.  For instance here in Chicago earlier this week, a female candidate for governor of Illinois was booed and berated simply for stating that “having more fathers in children’s homes could help reduce gun and gang violence.” Such a crazy idea right <sarcastic sigh>.  Her opponents even stormed off-stage.  All because she said something that, if not sensible, is at least worthy of discussion.

In the same vein, Disney (among other companies) is daring to gamble with its Star Wars franchise that emasculated men will continue to buy their product, even if it subtly seeks to denigrate them.  And perhaps that is the gamble of the larger Progressive movement.  The real reason behind the rise of Asshole Liberalism

They assume they can be assholes, and you will still fall in line. You will either be with the mob, or afraid of it.

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