Empiricism Deficit – Feminism and the Myth of the “Peaceful” Native

We are all innately assholes.  All innately selfish.  All innately bigots.  Myths otherwise are simply a way of coping with those inconvenient facts.

All humans have the propensity to replace one set of myths for another.  An innate need to create a narrative of our lives, a narrative of the world.  To understand.  Stories we tell ourselves to create meaning out of a world that often times seems senseless, or even ruthless.

The funny thing about myths, though, is we often don’t realize they are there.  They are beliefs we hold, unquestioned, without being aware we believe them.   This is particularly true for the Cultural Narratives into which we were born.

This lies at the root of why many Classical Liberals – Locke, Hume, Voltaire, etc. – fiercely argued for empiricism.  One cannot trust one’s own senses, one’s own narrative.  Simply casting aside one narrative for another does not solve the issue.  The ability to deceive ourselves is as great, if not greater, than of those around us.

In contrast, a critical problem with modern Progressivism and Feminism is their Empiricism Deficit.

An example of this is the modern myth of the “peaceful” native … the notion that Native Americans and Africans and others before the coming of white Europeans were living a mostly peaceful and idyllic life, with perhaps a minor spat here or there.

Now anyone can point to obvious counter-examples like the Aztecs and their blood sacrifices.  But a careful study of history is rife with examples.  Basically any place humans lived, as long as there was high enough population density, they would fight and kill each other over resources and sexual access (and for the most part more resources meant greater sexual access).

Everything in this world is about sex … except sex, sex is about power – Oscar Wilde

Let me repeat that: humans fight and kill each other so they can have more sex and raise more babies.  It is simply a corollary to evolution.  If one accepts that humans desire to reproduce (which is obviously true, there are 7 billion of on the planet now), then sexual access becomes a serious necessity.

In South America, the Shuar Indians are famous for their “shrunken heads”.  Once a year, prior to the coming of the Spanish they would engage in raids on other households, where they would kill all the men, spear old women to death, and cart off the younger women as war brides.  They’d also collect all the heads of the killed men and shrink them.

Nothing made them do this, other than their desire for sexual access.  The Shuar built up a polygynous society, monopolizing resources and their opportunity to reproduce.  As well as maximizing opportunities for their children to do the same.

In short, the Shuar people, simply did to others what Europeans would later do to them.

The examples extend beyond the Americas.  For instance, African countries are still dealing with the issue that most of the slaves that were sold to European slave traders were originally captured and sold by other African tribes.  In fact, Africans had a long history of enslaving each other long before the Europeans showed up.  The slaves were usually men, women, and children from rival tribes.

And, not surprisingly, the tribes that did most of enslaving now form the elite class in modern African countries like Benin and Ghana.  Why?  Because killing and enslaving others, while monopolizing sexual access and resources for your offspring, is an effective method to guarantee success of your genetic lineage.

Much like the myths about gender fluidity, or how the sexes are the same, or how all women like nice guys, the Myth of the “Peaceful” Native ignores the biological realities of human nature.  Of reproduction.  Of Evolution.  It is an anti-scientific position of the Left.  A progressive rewriting of history based on what we wish to be true, rather than actual reality.

In short, it is an abandonment of Empiricism.

And to abandon empiricism – to place feels before reals – is to abandon the principles of classical Liberalism.  If one could define feminism in a nutshell, such abandonment would be it … how one feels about something – e.g. did I feel sexually harassed – dictates whether it is true.

Yet in a world where anything can be true, “truth” becomes a weapon.  Myths about innocent “peaceful” natives and evil white men are merely one example.

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  1. Ever seen “The Naked Prey” with Cornell Wilde? Check it out some time.

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    I have not, but I just read the synopsis. It’s funny how the “stories” we tell change over time …

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