Unintended Consequences – The Puritans of MeToo

It is strange how the things we do often have unintended consequences.  Or as one of my favorite sayings goes: Most of today’s problems are the result of yesterday’s solutions.

So it is beyond fascinating how the tearing down of traditional religion in the West, and the “liberation” and sexual empowerment of people has led to a new kind of belief system … and how that system is just as fundamentalist as the one it replaced.

Unintended consequences.

Sexual empowerment of people, long a promise of the 1960’s and 2nd Wave Feminism, has led to a lockdown and censuring of people’s sexual behavior in the current era.  Everything – literally everything at this point – is potentially sexual harassment or even assault. Either at the time, or even just in hindsight.

Which begs the question, if the definition of a word is literally anything, then what does the word even mean anymore?  Does it have utility as a word?

Unintended consequences.

Curiously, Shaun White is simultaneously being praised and accused of past indiscretion at the Olympics.  I read some of the text message transcripts.  Cringeworthy sure.  But all of it reads like a young beta male who is not very good with women trying to pursue a woman.  Perhaps a bit aggressively.

But I will just go ahead and throw this out there: I’ve rarely had success with women as a man in a sex and relationships sense without being aggressive.  Sure, women will sometimes take on that role.  But most of the time it falls to the man to be aggressive.  Women may give off signals, even pursue you, but only to a point (and the ones who go beyond that point often are damaged or have mental issues).  Men at some point must take the initiative and make things happen.

To do otherwise, to repress male sexual aggression, is to revert back to the lifestyle of Puritans.  To a world of sexual repression.  We can’t have it both ways.

Unintended consequences.

Other people have written about the puritanical aspect of MeToo, and they are correct.  A large number of European actresses even signed a public letter denouncing it for similar reasons.

Yet sometimes the very freedoms that come from our classical liberalism heritage in the West lead to entire groups of people spitting on those same freedoms.  Spitting on the very notion of free speech and free thought, as the protestors at Evergreen State College taught us last year … or to quote one of the protestors: “Fuck your free speech!”

Unintended consequences.

Maybe we should ship those protestors off to North Korea to live for a year, to see how they like living in a society without free speech or free thought?

Here in Illinois, the state is basically run by one man in an autocratic fashion. That is because – given the state’s political leanings – it is effectively one-party rule.  The state leans hard toward the American left, aka the Democratic party, to the point they have supermajorities in both legislative houses.

The man’s name is Mike Madigan.  He is the head of the Democratic Party in the state of Illinois as well as the speaker of the house.  He is the longest serving legislative leader in the history of the United States.

If anyone dissents, he shuts them down, removes them from any positions of power (e.g. committee appointments), and chooses a hand-picked opponent to challenge them in the next election.  Using his pull and resources, the hand-picked opponent almost invariably wins.  Property taxes are the highest in the nation, because Madigan, like many of his democratic colleagues, are property tax lawyers.  Illinois is ironically in one of the worst financial situations of any state in the nation.

This from a man who was elected by those who claim to value freedom and fairness, who worry about those who would exploit the weak to benefit the powerful.

Unintended consequences.

Interestingly, one of his top aides was recently caught up in the whole MeToo hysteria.

What’s ironic is that this may be the only way to finally dethrone Madigan and attempt to reform Illinois politics.  All based on a movement started by Feminists and their progressive allies to call out sexual aggressors.  And in the end, it may finally wind up removing a Democratic bastion in a solidly blue state who seemed, to this point, invincible.

Unintended consequences.

If this case teaches us anything, it is that unintended consequences sometimes swing both ways.  Progressives, Feminists, and women in general should be careful what they wish for.  A puritanical society where men no longer pursue women may not lead to the life outcomes they truly want. And it may have more far-reaching implications than they realize.

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  1. Dave says:

    I really like how you guys use this website to try to justify your misogyny, absurd red pill to the power! XDD

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