Freedom is a Thing Derived from Boundaries

I recently made this comment on the Red Pill sub over at Reddit: Just Walk Away … the main gist being that the ability to walk away without a word from something or someone is the ultimate demarcator of a man.

Because freedom is a thing derived from boundaries.

I have written about this before in previous posts.  Any rational man has to ask tough questions about the reality of the “issues” that confront him.  A man needs hard edges, unwithering frame in the face of all storms.  To know where to draw the line.  For if we won’t defend the principles we claim to espouse, to live by, and instead let others redefine them till they bear little to no resemblance to the originals, then we forsake our own boundaries.  This is true in relationships, as it is in life in general.

You are only truly free when you are free to walk away. 

Without men who know how to say “No”, there are no principles. And without principles there is no Liberalism.  And without Liberalism there is no free society.  Freedom is a thing that derives from boundaries.

Women, ones you are dating or otherwise, will often push and push and push.  Some may say to argue back.  Others to fight.  But the firmest way to establish boundaries is to simply walk away.  It is the loudest way to say: Fuck you, childish creature, without actually saying it.

Feminism and its like are just a society-wide macrocosm of the same thing.  Too many people getting angry and riled up about it.  When really what you should be doing is giving it no attention.  Because like a fire, feminism needs attention and outrage to persist.

Feminism – and all its failings – dies when men just walk away.

The reconstruction of marriage 2.0, the no-fault divorces, child support issues, artificially created pay standards, diversity quotas, complaints about “pink taxes”, male shaming, diagnosing every boy with ADHD, lading them all with Adderall, Title IX, campus witch hunts, MeToo witch hunts, etc. etc. etc.

It all ends NOT when men get angry. NOT when they organize into men’s rights activist groups. NOT when men march and lobby like clucking hens.  It ends when men say no, and walk away.

Boundaries.  When we re-establish healthy boundaries.  At an individual level in male-female relationships, but also at a societal level of male-female gender dynamics.

Because unhealthy boundaries are not a sign of “progress”, but rather a sign of dysfunction.  Either at the relationship or societal level.  And currently we live in a world where men’s boundaries have largely been eroded.


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6 Responses to Freedom is a Thing Derived from Boundaries

  1. It ends when men say no, and walk away.

    Which is why the left is focused on gathering the power to make sure you can’t walk away. You will be MADE TO CARE about their fantasies and grievances.

  2. Farm Boy says:

    Communism is all about “from each based on their capabilities”

  3. Farm Boy says:

    “To each based on their victim group status”

  4. CopperFox3c says:

    I really feel like if we taught men how properly navigate the sexual marketplace, a lot of these macrocosm level gender issues, feminism, progressivism, etc. would solve themselves.

    Most men nowadays don’t know how to handle women, either dating them or at a societal level.

  5. Its much worse than just the SMP, Copper. Being a man is being outlawed little by little. VAWA, the Duluth Model, et al, means that acting in ANY WAY that a woman disapproves of can result in you being fired, arrested, thrown out of your own house.

  6. CopperFox3c says:

    Women don’t want to win … they want a winner. The question is how far will men let them push before we say “No”.

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