Lies of Omission – Asians are the New Elites

The recent April 2018 edition of the National Geographic magazine, entitled “Black and White”, included an interesting infographic on disparities in racial outcomes in the United States (see image at the end of this post).  What makes the infographic interesting is that most times progressives talk about racial disparities, they only include three categories: Whites, Black, and Hispanics.  However, in this case they included a fourth category: Asian Americans.

When comparing just the three racial categories, Whites usually come out looking far superior, but adding Asians to the analysis tells a different story … Asians far out-compete all other races in the United States in nearly every statistical category, from average annual income to education achievement to unemployment rates to life expectancy.  In fact, looking at the infographic below shows that Whites and Hispanics really fall in the middle of the spectrum.

This is just another progressive Lie of Omission.  Information is clearly being purposefully left out of the conversation in order to skew perceptions.  It is a common progressive tactic, as much as changing the meaning of words in order to alter debate.  Simply with the intent to obfuscate the discussion.  Others have referred to this as a “racial shell game”.

But when we include Asians in the discussion of racial disparity, it becomes very clear that many whites, on average, are not wildly outperforming other races.  Nor is their success a matter of “White privilege” … unless you want to argue that “Asian privilege” also exists in the United States.  Asians are a minority of course, and that wouldn’t fit the minority victim narrative we’ve be sold.  In fact, Asian Americans are currently suing Harvard and other academic institutions for discrimination during college admissions.

This of course leaves out another notorious issue – the fact that Jews are usually lumped in with other “whites”, which skews up the white averages.   It can be difficult to get clear data on Jewish people, but we will leave aside the ethnicity vs. religion question.  According to the data available, nearly half of all Jews earn over $100,000 per year, about 50% more than the average for other whites.  Even Wikipedia backs this up, listing average Jewish income as nearly $100k and as 2nd place among all ancestries (also interesting that the other three ancestries in the top 4 are all Asian: Indian, Taiwanese, and Filipino).  The overall White average income of $60k drops significantly if you exclude Jewish people.  This is true not only of annual income, but also other statistical categories like educational attainment and life expectancy.

**Full disclosure: my family is part Jewish, and I have a sliver of it in me.

In fact, if you exclude the Jews, other “Whites” life outcomes don’t look all that different from Hispanics, which is not surprising since Hispanics are technically Caucasians as most of them primarily descend from European Spaniards with a little bit of indigenous blood mixed in.  It was actually hilarious watching director Guillermo del Toro be hailed as a “minority” at this year’s Oscars.  But I digress … that is another story for another day.

This is just another example of how progressive Lies of Omission significantly impact our ability to have an honest debate about serious issues. Really, the loser in all this is Black people in the United States.  Because if we cannot be honest with ourselves about the problem, we are never going to be able to fix or improve it.

From a classical liberal perspective, this is all disturbing, because, as I have written about before, Empiricism lies at the core of classical liberal principles.  Efforts made to obfuscate or engage in sophistry undermine such pursuit of the truth.  And Lies of Omission are merely a tactic towards such undermining.



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3 Responses to Lies of Omission – Asians are the New Elites

  1. Pretty interesting stuff — and not what you see in the mainstream discussions for sure. I find the part about breaking whites down into Jewish and Non is pretty interesting, I have never seen that info anywhere before. And some might say bringing it up at all is not ok. It could be mistaken as “ist” rather than it simply being the way the numbers break out, data points.

    Bc of my last name I am sometimes mistaken for Jewish, although I am not. I have had people then realize I am not “in group” and treat me differently or not hire me after. Awkward. This was in the publishing world, which has it’s own in group thing going on.

    It’s human nature in a way, but taboo and tricky to discuss. You do so in a well, balanced, and factual way, btw!

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    Yeah RPG, I was shocked when I saw the infographic in the National Geographic magazine … I was like, “who slipped this past the editors” lol. You never see Asians included in the discussions about race in America, even though it completely changes the narrative.

    As for the Jews, yeah I think I get a special pass because I have a little bit of Jewish in me. I’ll hand it to the Jews though, they are clever. Make yourself appear to be an “oppressed minority” while actually having inordinate amounts of wealth and power. Well played.

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