Women Lie – When Common Sense becomes Counterintuitive

Over at The Red Pill (TRP) sub on Reddit, we have a saying: TRP is the radical notion that women are just people.

And just like all people, they have flaws.  Sometimes women cheat, steal …. even lie.  The saying is ironic, in that the notion isn’t really all that radical.  It is only “radical” within the current climate.  Women lie.  Shocking, I know.

It begs the question: Should MeToo really be called “MeTooMaybe”?  Because the fundamental problem with the whole MeToo movement is that it glosses over the fact that women sometimes lie.  And by insisting that we automatically believe any female accuser, it is really asking us to pretend that women are perfect angels.  To ignore the fact that women are people, and that people are not perfect.  It is the Women are Wonderful Effect to the nth degree.

And doing so, ironically, dehumanizes women.  It assigns them a sense of hypoagency. In short, it is how we often treat children – they could never be evil nor held accountable, only misguided or mistaken.  The notion of hypoagency is a core component of modern feminism.  The corollary to that being that women are NOT responsible for their own actions.  But, most problematically, there are real victims in the world, and allowing these false accusations to profligate is a slap in the face to them.  Not to mention that we are teaching our children that there are no consequences for lying.  That irrational beliefs drawn from such misconceptions can be the basis for rational decision making.

None of the above is in any way consistent with Classical Liberalism.

Any man who has a decent amount of experience dating women knows they lie, that they are no more trustworthy than a man.  Any notion otherwise is laughable at best to an experienced man.  Makes one wonder if the whole MeToo movement has been advanced purely by women along with their male compatriots who don’t get laid very much.  Strange bedfellows.

One of the other principles of TRP is that women operate based more on their feelings, i.e. Feels over Reals.  How women feel at the moment often trumps the actual facts, even to the point of re-writing history if necessary.  This is known as the Lightswitch Effect.

Any many who has ever argued with a woman over something, or been suddenly accused by a girlfriend or wife of doing something they never did, knows this phenomenon very well.

What is really disturbing is how common the “women don’t lie” trope is in the media.  As I’ve written about here before, individualism is rooted on individuals having good information to make decisions.  That is the lifeblood of a liberal society.

The recent Sylvester Stallone accusations are a glaring example of this.  There are multiple witnesses in that case contradicting her story, including the woman’s boyfriend.  She only filed a police report after media outlets refused to pay to publish her story.  I mean, how much more blatant can you get?

Stallone is just one of many prominent instances of women lying about sexual assault in the last few years.  From the Duke lacrosse case to Emma Sulkowicz to the Jackie Coakley University of Virginia Rolling Stone debacle, the world seems full of these “MeTooMaybe” stories.  Sure you too lady … maybe.

There are of plenty of other Celebrity stories too.  The accusations against Morgan Freeman were probably the most ridiculous (there is actually videotape footage completely contradicting some of the core accusations).  The list of falsely accused goes on: Aziz Ansari, Tom Brokaw, James Franco, Ryan Seacrest, and many more.  At best, the facts of those cases were exaggerated or distorted – at worst they were outright lies.  Not to mention the recent accusations against the top Democrat in Illinois Mike Madigan’s aide … if that counts as “sexual harassment” then I’ve been sexually harassed dozens of times in my life by women.  We should just shut it all down Puritan-style and stop men and women from interacting in any way … after all, the puritans of MeToo is an apt representation.

This what we get when society forgets that women do, in fact, lie.  When common sense becomes counterintuitive.  When we forget that the Lightswitch Effect is a very real thing.  A gynocentric society where feelings dominate truth, and where rationalism falls by the wayside.

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4 Responses to Women Lie – When Common Sense becomes Counterintuitive

  1. Hank F says:

    You one of those MGTOW?

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    No Hank, I don’t really consider myself a MGTOW. I still actively date women, sometimes multiple women at the same time.

  3. Hank F says:

    Well that means you don’t show them this site

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