I Held a Protest for Poor White Boys From Appalachia – Nobody Came

I held a protest here in Chicago for poor white boys from Appalachia – nobody came.  Not the feminists.  Not the black folks from the south side who call cops murderers.  Not the social justice warriors who deplore the plight of brown children.  The progressives were nowhere to be found.

I am being facetious of course.  I didn’t actually do this.  But I make the example to raise a point: we are all bigots.  But more importantly, from a classical liberal perspective: we are all selfish.  Sure, we care about people … but we care about them more if they look like us, talk like us, think like us, or are our own children.  The difference is that classical liberalism knew that the key was to channel such rational self-interest, to align those selfish desires of individuals with the greater good for society.

A perfect example of this: recently here in Chicago there was a black barber shot by police on the southside.  The shooting launched a series of violent protests by blacks in those neighborhoods, aided by various white SJWs.  It was interesting to see the protests, with cops there ensuring the peace so they could go on, while those very same protesters screamed in their face calling the police “murderers”.  Of course, the police chief released the body cam footage of the shooting, showing the suspect clearly carrying a gun, pulling away from the police as they try to question him, ignoring commands, and reaching for the gun at his waistband attempting to draw the weapon.  Interestingly, the police trying to stop the man were a black cop and woman.  Yet somehow this is all about racism?

Contrast this with the Massachusetts cop shooting that occurred the very same day.  Brown guy grabs gun and shoots a cop 4 times during a traffic stop, as well as shooting and killing an innocent bystander.  All that to make this simple point: these are volatile situations, when a suspect is acting crazy who knows what they might do.  Cops are naturally afraid for their life too, ignoring that ignores human nature.  It’s important to put yourself in their shoes.

But the real aim of contrasting these stories goes back to point above about rational self interest.  Should we be surprised that black people are protesting the first example, even in light of the second example?  I would posit that we should not.  They are bigots, just like you and me.  They look out for their own.  That makes sense.

The problem comes when we as a society fail to appropriately channel those self-interests.  The result is anger, violence, fighting amongst groups.  This is why we see the outcomes we do in socialist societies, who attempt to temper the rational self-interests of some groups in order to create a false Equality of Outcomes.  A la Harrison Bergeron style.  This is the ultimate problem with things such as Feminism and Progressivism.  With countries like Venezuela.  With the misplaced outrage we see in the police shooting examples above.  It is a failure of society to adequately channel that selfishness.  A failure of a society that thinks it has the power to alter human nature.  A society that thinks it can overpower a raging flood, rather than build canals and dams ahead of time to control the floodwaters when they come. Or perhaps even put such floodwaters to good use like irrigation or a reservoir for the future.

The educated question then is how to we harness those rational self-interests … because if we are doing so then, from a Classical Liberal perspective, we are successful, despite the outcome.

The above issues are a perfect parallel with how we deal with women and Feminism in modern day society.  It would be easy to deplore women’s hypergamous nature, and their resource exploitation of men.  But like above, we should expect them to be selfish.  AWALT.  The issue is how we channel those selfish desires.

An interesting recent example comes from Sweden, where apparently feminists are now berating mothers in public parks for not putting their kids in daycare and going back to work.  Of course, Sweden has a 61.9% personal income tax rate to support that, due largely to policies pushed by Feminists and Progressives.  This is the flipside of generous maternity leave and state-sponsored daycare, women no longer have choices.  As Friedrich Hayek eloquently argued in Road to Serfdom , such “central planning” core to communal socialist states is a slippery slope to slavery and tyranny.  In this instance, Feminists have all but made normal motherhood an illegal, impractical choice.

In a broader sense, women and feminists generally expect men to act against their own rational self-interests, and there’s the rub.  Such a system only works if men are given certain privileges for acting against their own self-interest, such as respect and opportunities (what some people might even call “patriarchal”).  And if what is good for an individual man aligns with what is good for society.  That is the basis of classical liberalism.

Gynocentrism and Classical Liberalism, in that sense, are at direct odds.

Even on the individual level, we are raising women these days who don’t seem aware of the trade-offs, who don’t seem to realize the supposed “chains” they’re railing against are, in fact, the chains of freedom.  Because none of us are ever really truly free, only free-er.  We all live as part of some Social Contract … the question is what form that contract takes.

Indeed, many of the women I date these days only give me respect when I threaten to walk away completely, or make it apparent thru my behavior.  I suppose that is one way to channel women’s rational self-interest, to repeatedly slam the door in their face, so to say.  But such a last resort on the part of individual men bespeaks a misalignment of those desires with what is good for society. She wants the best available man (i.e. hypergamy), and I signal that I am such a man by showing I have options and can walk away at any time.  But she can never be sure, so she continues to push, until I ultimately do walk away.  Who wins?  No one.

And perhaps that misalignment is the ultimate failure of Feminism.

Striking parallel: what would happen if we started NOT policing black communities?  93% of blacks are killed in black-on-black crime, not police shootings.  Would those black folks prefer the cops not come around?  Because they are definitely not going to police those communities if guys like the one in the video can pull a gun on them.  I certainly wouldn’t.

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6 Responses to I Held a Protest for Poor White Boys From Appalachia – Nobody Came

  1. I think I have a comment in the spam folder. At least I hope it’s there; it was AWESOME!

  2. CopperFox3c says:

    Alas KH, I checked the spam folder and there is nothing there. But seeing as I am also originally from Kentucky, I am curious as to what you have to say about this topic??

  3. I sue Brave browser and that sometimes happens. Very frustrating. Brief recap

    On women and other leftists, I just wanted to say that they only take from society and contribute little in return. Women would rather be queen of mud-hut village, than just another vag in a Jetson’s flying-car, robot-maid utopia.

    Blacks not wanting to get killed makes sense; but then they can’t cry about what the cops have to do to actually keep the peace in those areas. Not even black cops want to go into many neighborhoods.

  4. CopperFox3c says:

    True enough. I think it’s interesting you can deal with all the groups – feminists, black-lives-matter folks, SJWs – the same basic way. The Power of Walking Away. Ignoring them. Seems to be the only thing that commands respect in this social media era, withdrawing validation.

    All that said, I figured you’d have something to chime in about Appalachia, and the dire economic problems there.

  5. The main economic problem in greater Appalachia is that there is NO economy. The coal and mill-towns are all dead and there’s nothing to replace the jobs the went with them. Kevin Williamson should be buried alive in a defunct mine for his outright hatred of the people of Appalachia, but really the region was always hard-scrabble and just doesn’t have the resources to be better than that.

  6. CopperFox3c says:

    True. And of course the meth problem now too. In a lot of ways, the southside of Chicago and Appalachia have very similar problems. The only difference is no one gives a shit about the people in Appalachia.

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