Feminism and the Art of Irreverence

One thing I’ve noted by dating a lot of twenty and thirty-something millennial women over the last few years is this: Modern feminism has appeared to have turned an entire generation of young women into assholes.

Maybe women were always this way, I don’t know.  But young ladies these days all seem to share one fundamental problem – that they lack the ability to consistently respect men, even respectable men.  They can manage for a little while, perhaps after a little dread game on my part, but they can’t seem to persist.  Unless I constantly dread them, which only makes for a dysfunctional relationship.  They lack a healthy ability to respect. Almost like an affliction.

An example: one of the young ladies I have been dating over the last few months is around 30, still fairly good looking, naturally thin, but clearly past her prime.  One of those girls raised steeped in feminism and social justice, growing up in Chicago.  Deep held beliefs.  She’s been a consistent challenge, annoyingly so, and on several occasions,  I’ve had tell her to straighten up or GTFO, or soft next her.  Which you do have to do with any girl, but it’s the frequency with which I have to in this case that is problematic.

Recently we were out and she started babbling about feminist shit while I was trying to tell a story, even accusing me of man-splaining or some other nonsense at one point.  She persisted, and eventually I got tired of it and left.  Calmly and quickly, without anger, but I made it clear I was disappointed with her behavior.  Of course, she immediately changed her tune as soon I started to leave, and she’s been blowing up my phone since.  But I tell this story to make the point that the current generation of women has an incredible inability to respect men.  Even when she acts right for a few days or a couple weeks, it’s like she flips a switch to irreverence at some point and everything goes out the window.

It’s almost like all of them were raised by weak fathers.  Like a child without boundaries.  They have a maladjusted response to authority.

Interesting news story coming out about how one of the accusers of  Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s recent Supreme Court nominee, is now recanting her accusation of sexual assault against him.

I would argue that a woman making false accusations against a man is the ultimate display of feminine disrespect.  Actually, you could make the same case for a man doing the same to another man, hence all the “yo mama so fat” jokes of yesteryear.  For men, respect is all.  Or in the vernacular of Red Pill theory: women want to be loved by men, while men want to be respected by women.  A clear example of this is how women consistently fall in “love” with the bad boy, the psychopath, the men they fear (also known as Hybristophilia.  Because at least fear garners respect.  Men don’t fall in “love” with similar kinds of women.

Which begs an interesting question: with Feminism turning an entire generation of women into girls incapable of respecting men, are we in essence making modern women incapable of “love”?

One of the unintended consequences of raising an irreverent generation, perhaps.

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  1. Debo says:

    It’s not the “weak fathers.” Don’t blame fathers, they are being opposed by the entirety of the state and culture (not to mention their own wives & mothers). It’s NOT the fathers, AT ALL! State & Culture EXCLUSIVELY.

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