Bringing back Adulthood

To quote Yale professor William Deresiewicz:

Many modern adolescents are “great at what they’re doing but with no idea why they’re doing it.”

One of the challenging things about being an rational academic or scientist in the modern American far-left progressive version of “science” is the realization that the things you believe in, strive for, can quickly become subsumed into dogma by your compatriots in the cause.  What you once thought was a firm, factual grounding for you approach to the world gradually morphs into some sort of pseudo-religion.  Even science.  And there is no longer room for debate, either you accept our version of “the truth”, or you are the enemy.  The heretic.

Of course, the great irony is that many of the great scientists in history were heretics in their day, either to the Church or the State or the pre-existing scientific establishment.  Galileo.  Einstein.  Darwin. Dawkins. Gould.

Which brings us back to the question of incentives – why do what you do?

The current morphing of science into some sort of pseudo-religion by the mainstream left is really just a microcosm of a larger phenomenon facing those coming of age in the modern West.  When you realize your chosen path in life – the one based on “facts” – is really just a construct made of beliefs, and beliefs that could easily be substituted with another set of beliefs, what do you do?  They take your goals, your passions, your causes, even your science … and turn them into fervor.  Indeed, you realize that a couple generations ago, they did the same, just with a different set of beliefs.

And so you find that your individualism – its pursuits and dreams – have been subsumed into some sort of communal fervor you never signed up for. A world of toxic masculinity, blurred genders, feminism.  Where purpose and struggle and overcoming challenges has been replaced by participation trophies and safe spaces.

We have thus replaced the “what” we do, but in doing so lost the “why”.

Disparities in Male and Female Employment among Millennials

There are many articles out there written about the “plight” of Millennial men.  How are they are failing and falling behind, spending their days immersed in video games and junk food and porn and watching sports.  Indeed among Millennial men aged 18-35, roughly 41% of them now make less than $30k per year, up from just 25% in 1975.  Meanwhile, those same men have plummeted to make up only about 40% of college students, face higher unemployment than women, with nearly 33% of them still living at home with their parents.  In short, modern day young men are falling through the cracks of a society that should be preparing them to sustain our society for future generations.

And as noted above relative to my own experience in science, why shouldn’t they just hang out playing video games and jerking off to porn.  Society turned their backs on them.  The belief in the enduring spirit of masculinity, to conquer challenges and be rewarded so for doing it, has been replaced by the mythos of toxic masculinity.  Replacing one set of beliefs for another.

Why, as a young man today, should you really get off your ass to do anything?  Where are the incentives?  Anything you accomplish will be viewed as simply a matter of privilege, while SJWs and progressives actively work to disenfranchise you, and if you happen to notice or say anything, you our ruthlessly shamed and ridiculed.  No fault divorces and antiquated alimony/child support laws have even altered the prospect of building a family for many men into a very risky endeavor.  Incentives drive behavior.  And make no mistake about the driving power of opportunity for mating and reproduction in the creation of human civilization …

So why shouldn’t men opt out?  Or rather, why would they opt in?  Red Pill, MGTOW, Going Galt … whatever you want to call it.  Why should they continue to sustain a system that no longer sustains them?

The “what” has changed, and in doing so we have lost the “why”.

Some of this comes down to Science vs. Scientism (read this for an explanation of the differences).  Indeed much of the Left’s embrace of science can be thought of as a form of scientism.  We can even see this in the recent editing of  old Bill Nye the Science Guy shows on Netflix, where they removed references to binary genders and make it appear that biological gender exists on a spectrum as scientific fact.  It is NOT a scientific fact, my friends.

These are clear efforts to use a brand of scientism to “shape the narrative” and stifle discussion.  To replace one set of beliefs with another.  Which brings us back to my original point: when Liberalism and its Individualist ideals are subverted towards ulterior motives, we lose the meaning in the things we do.  And when we lose meaning in the things we do, we lose the very incentives that foster those individual pursuits in the first place.

We need look no farther than the failure to launch of Millennial men as an example of those effects.  In the end, those men still retain the only real power most men have ever had – the power to walk away.

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The anti-Scientific Positions of the Left

gender-identity-science One thing the American Left likes to do is repeatedly excoriate the Right for being “anti-scientific” for their positions on things like evolution and global warming.  The problem is that the Left is just as unscientific, only about different topics … case in point are progressive views on gender, intersexual dynamics, and the human female biological clock.

Let me say first that, as a practicing PhD scientist, the Left is correct at least in that denying the validity of evolution is silly. The scientific evidence for that is solid, including both paleontological evidence (e.g. fossils) and genetic evidence. The Left is also correct in that denying the validity of climate change as it relates to the release of greenhouse gases and deforestation and melting glaciers is silly. One only has to look at our next-door neighbor Venus to see the effects. And long-term temporal climate data clearly shows a trend of rising global temperatures over the last century. One could perhaps argue over whether such climate change is man-made, but it is indisputable from the data that it is occurring.  It is also indisputable that human activities are releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases.

But Progressives on the Left pointing the finger at people on the Right about being unscientific are basically like the pot calling the kettle black.  A prime example of progressives’ equally deluded stances is their view on gender and gender identity.

Let me ask this question: if one accepts the validity of evolution, and acknowledges that humans are a sexually reproducing species, then what would be the evolutionary purpose for gender fluidity?  Would evolution not ween those gender fluid individuals out over time?  That is how natural selection works.  Evolution clearly needs, for a sexually reproducing species, two distinct biological genders … to the point that in mammals it created separate X and Y chromosomes for sex determination (with a few more complicated exceptions like platypuses).

The advantages of sexual reproduction (versus asexual) are anti-science-feminismrooted in recombination of parental chromosomes and the genetic variance it creates, allowing a species to be resilient to wide-ranging environmental changes. But sexual reproduction also comes at a two-fold cost, with slower reproduction rates and the loss of the guarantee that all individuals can reproduce (they have to search for a willing mate first to do so).  So given all of that, it doesn’t make sense for evolution to maintain 12 genders in humans, or gender fluid individuals … because the cost of sexual reproduction is already high enough.  Species that did so would quickly go extinct.

And of course this doesn’t even broach the issue that most transgender re-assignment surgeries are Male-to-Female (most estimates say somewhere around 70-75%), rather than 50:50, nor the relative rarity of gender dysphoria in human populations based on epidemiological studies (averaging roughly 0.03% across studies).  There are clearly social aspects to the push for gender fluidity that have no basis in biology.

To sum up, Progressives on the Left arguing for gender fluidity make about as much sense as people on the Right arguing we should teach creationism in schools. Both positions are equally anti-scientific. In fact, debating with Progressives about gender identity often feels strangely like debating with evangelicals about evolution …

Now, to be clear, I’m not arguing anyone should be mistreated … live and let live I say.  If Progressives want to create a social construct (in the form of fluid gender identity), and then try to convince other people to accept it, they can certainly do so. In that regard, it’s no different than religion.  The problem of course comes when people want to legislate their beliefs and force others to accept them. That would be equivalent to legislating religion … unfortunately that parallel is lost upon Progressives. Such attempts are a direct attack on the classical liberal principles Western society is built upon.

The above doesn’t even touch on other anti-scientific positions of the American Left, in particular their views on intersexual dynamics between men and women, and their denial of the existence of the female biological clock (or should we say “The Wall”).

gender-identity-science-confusionThe Progressive assault on masculinity in the West is a case in point here, attempts to redefine women as men, and co-opt masculine traits as some sort of ideal “feminine” traits. Despite the fact, as noted in the previous section, that evolution has clearly defined two separate biological genders, and created both the genetic and physiological infrastructure to maintain these two, with distinct physical and behavioral attributes. There is ample scientific evidence for the effects of testosterone on the human brain and its basis for differences in male/female behavior.

And so children growing up in the modern West are obviously confused when they get to adulthood and find – despite all the Progressive Left’s brainwashing about “gender being a social construct” and “feminized men in touch with their feelings being attractive” – that members of the opposite sex are NOT attracted to what they are told they should be … no, they are attracted to what millions of years of evolution has engrained them with. Any Red Pill man knows this intuitively.

Because that is how evolution works. And anyone who takes a scientific view of the world realizes the world doesn’t always work the way we think it should … it works the way it does. Or in other words: an Empirical view. Your feelings don’t matter, cupcake.

So no, lady, being bitchy and aggressive and “assertive” doesn’t make you attractive to most men.  Men in general are drawn to women who exhibit neotenous traits, across cultures (more on the scientific basis here). I realize there are exceptions, but remember: the exception to the rule does not invalidate the rule.

The worst part of this is women literally believing they can still have babies when they are 40-years-old as if they are 20-years-old. About 1 in 7 women are infertile by age 35 (essentially triple the rate of a woman in her late twenties). not to mention the risk of birth defects and down’s syndrome skyrocket by the time you reach 40. Any pregnancy in a woman over the age of 35 is actually medically considered a geriatric pregnancy.  A lot of women in their 30’s also think they have plenty of time, but the average duration of courtship in the West is 2-3 years, if not longer in many cases. So for that 30-year-old woman, if you meet someone today it will take years to get to the point of being married and pregnant.

All that said, women shouldn’t have to have babies if they don’t want to. But it is equally problematic for the Progressive Left to be filling their heads with anti-scientific ideology and fairy tales that undermine their ability to do so if they choose. Misinformation is a very dangerous thing.

Which brings us back to our main point: There are just as many anti-scientific viewpoints on the Left as there are on the Right, they just come in different forms. It is critical for those of us who believe in the importance of science and scientific integrity to objectively hold both sides accountable when they attempt to spread anti-scientific viewpoints, particularly when they attempt to pass those myths off as “fact”.  And from a classical liberal standpoint, we must acknowledge that rational empirical thinking is necessary for individuals to make good decisions … indeed the entire premise of classical liberalism  and the Doctrine of Individualism rests in individuals having correct information upon which to base those decisions.

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How the Left lost to Trump: The Alienation of Whites

Spectators arrive for a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Costa Mesa, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)One of the interesting things about the recent US presidential election is that it is clear from the voting trends that the Left has alienated a lot of blue-collar white people, and a lot of these people ended up voting for Trump – including 57% of white women – in places like Michigan and Wisconsin (as filmmaker Michael Moore so eloquently pointed out before the election). Why did this happen?

It largely happened because the increasingly progressive Left, beyond ignoring the plight of middle and lower class working whites and their economic woes (e.g. unemployment in rural communities, foreclosure), has proceeded to sneer at these same white people, calling them names like racist and sexist and bigot for the last couple decades.

I come from such a rural area, and I can tell you many of these people have been hit hard by the economy over the last 20 years, regardless of the color of the skin. But not only due Progressives ignore these blue-collar whites, they sneer at them and call them names.

All while promoting issues like who gets to use whose bathroom … or the plight of gay people getting wedding cakes. Even though gay people where I live in Chicago mostly live in fancy condos over in Boystown. While those “privileged” blue collar whites in Appalachia and the Rust Belt struggle to find jobs, hold on to their run-down shack of a house, and put food on the table for their kids.  Take a road trip down to Appalachia, then call me up and tell me about their “privilege” from your fancy loft in Soho …

The fact of the matter is that politics is about building coalitions. And white people still make up 67% of the electorate and will continue to be a majority till at least 2050. Moreover, heterosexuals are 95% of the electorate. If your “coalition” only consists of black people and homosexuals and transgenders, then you’re going to have difficulties winning national elections in coming years. And increasingly the Democrats in the United States are becoming the anti-white and anti-heterosexual party.

trump-election-white-womenThe most interesting thing about post-election this year was watching my Facebook feed, and watching all my Progressive “liberal” friends respond by calling those same white people who voted for Trump racist and sexist and bigots. That is exactly what got you this spot, folks. Now legitimate issues like the environment are going to suffer because you are so worried about where people take a piss, and willing to call people names over it.

And your response is to double-down on that failing tactic? Oh, the irony …

The reality is that if the Left is going to revive itself in this country, it will need to shun its Progressive wing in much the same way that the Right shunned the Tea Party movement in recent years. Most Americans are moderates, NOT far right or far left folks.  A good start would be for the Left to drop the shaming language and stop calling those very people whose votes you need names.

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Topple the Patriarchy

jill-soloway-topple-the-patriarchyAt this week’s Emmy Award Shows, the creator of the show Transparent, Jill Soloway went on a rant while giving an award acceptance speech, finally chanting “topple the patriarchy” near the end of it (video).

The ironic thing is that without the “patriarchy” and masculine men willing to fight for, defend, and die for our civilization, Jill would probably be DEAD.

You know what ISIS and other muslim countries do to homosexual and transgender people like Jill Soloway? They bind their hands behind their backs and throw them off rooftops to their deaths.  The only thing that stops them (and others like them) are men building up our civilization and fighting for our way of life.

dday-soldiersJill Soloway and those like her owe their lives and the freedom to live an “alternative” lifestyle to the very thing they decry – masculine men acting like men. It’s by their grace that they are protected. For if men stopped and walked away, how long would our way of life last? And do they think they could protect themselves when our legal mechanisms that extend from such patriarchal endeavors are replaced with pure violence and aggression?  Yet they choose to bite the hand that feeds them.

It is like watching a teenager bitch and moan about her father’s curfew and rules. With no appreciation that those things go hand in hand with the safety and security his home provides.  Money doesn’t grow on trees … and neither does freedom.

iraq-soldiers2  Inside Iraq

This example underscores how many progressives in the West (including transgenders and homosexuals) are the very definition of Privilege they rail against.  They live in a world free of consequences, and disdain the very things that give them the freedom to live as they do.

Indeed, I would posit the true definition of “privilege” is living in an environment where your actions are no longer correlated with your outcomes.  Rather than the Liberal ideal of personal industriousness leading to success or failure, the Progressive slant is that people should be able to do whatever they want and the amorphous “state” will take care of the consequences. Yet that state only exists so long as there are men willing to defend it, and to pay for it. Indeed, men pay most of the taxes in any society while women accrue most of the benefits, i.e. the Gender Tax Gap.


Now I don’t necessarily have any beef with people who are homosexual or whatever, but I would say this: maybe their gay pride parades – rather than be some celebration of hedonism – be better served as a celebration of the men and women who die fighting to protect the freedoms that let homosexuals and transgenders live as they do within our free society? Just a thought.

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Hillary Clinton and the Sexism Platform

Hillary_Clinton_SexismQuestion: Why is it sexist for men to not vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman … yet it is not sexist for women to vote for Hillary Clinton just because she has a vagina?

The reality is that they are both the same thing.

Of course, that never stopped the media from blatant cases of double-think otherwise. Over at PBS Newshour, correspondent Daniel Bush argues that only if white men refuse to vote for Clinton is it sexism … even while arguing in the exact same article that people should vote for Clinton just because she has a vagina. The irony of using a sexist position to criticize others’ supposed sexism is beyond Mr. Bush, apparently.

This sort of stuff is all over the media right now, and indeed Facebook and Twitter as well.  Even if many people (like myself) don’t want to vote for Hillary because we think she is untrustworthy or conniving or has bad policy positions … none of that matters, refusing to vote for Hillary is an act of sexism. Because – wait for it – you should vote for someone based on what is between their legs. And that, my friends, is the very definition of sexism.

Women_for_Hillary_SexismWhether it be schadenfreude or just plain obliviousness, we have reached a point where being blatantly sexist (but in socially acceptable ways) to criticize someone else for being sexist is now part of the mainstream.  The irony is palpable.

Now, if you read this blog on a regular basis at all, you know I’m not big on using the various -isms as shaming language, it’s mostly a tactic for stifling legitimate debate and/or certain ideas. But the mere fact that the Progressives and SJWs are engaging in the exact behavior they claim to despise (e.g. “Sexism”) should tell you something.

Make no mistake, Hillary herself is playing on this current paradigm. Pulling out the Woman Card when needed to rebuke any man (whether that be Bernie Sanders or Trump or anyone else) who tries to criticize her. Her team is even pumping out the #ImWithHer hashtag. And I predict that will only continue, if not increase, during the general election this fall.

In short, Hillary’s is a sexist platform … built on the idea that we should judge someone based purely on their biological sex. People who vote for Hillary purely because she is a woman are, by definition, sexist. It is not a revocation of sexism, but the embrace of it.

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Feminism: Meaningless Words create Meaningless Ideals

Hitler_Socialist_SandersOne of the interesting things about dating a lot of women is that you very quickly come to realize the amount of verbal-sorcery and word-salad that comes out of many women’s mouths. They often don’t mean what they say, or the things they say are simply a reflection of how they feel at the moment.  Later they will tell you the exact opposite.

The problem is that they use a lot of words and phrases that lack a clear meaning – love, happiness, OMG LOL totes, etc. – you get the idea.

When the words we use have no grounded meaning, when they can be defined as anything by anyone, then we are no longer talking about a tangible thing or fact. Rather, we are talking about feelings.

In parallel, and perhaps not surprisingly, the words used by Feminists and Progressives and SJWs are much the same – common good, patriarchy, social welfare, equality – when we use these words we say nothing at all. We are not communicating meaningful ideas … we are simply expressing our feelings. Or what I like to call “Feels before Reals” …

Even reformed Feminists realize this. It becomes even more blatant when they redefine words with obvious meaning, like “violence”, in ways that render those words meaningless.

Public policy or serious discussion cannot be based on feelings … any more than I base my actions in the dating world on a woman’s feeling words. They are ephemeral and prone to change. They are a reflection of reality, but not reality itself.

In his book Road to Serfdom, F.A. Hayek pointed out the problem socialists and other collectivists (which the Progressives and Feminists largely fall into) suffer because of their use of meaningless words.  In their drive for greater “equality”, the policies they pursue often ironically create greater inequality. Because they abandon classical Liberal principles that create a self-correcting marketplace of freedoms that derive from competition, and replace that with central planning “committees” that decide what is important and who should get what.

Political freedom derives from economic freedom. Without economic freedom, without the resources to support yourself and your loved ones, none of us are free. And such economic freedom demands competition to fuel it. Or rather, the opportunity to compete.

In its stead, the Progressives and Feminists would dictate your opportunities, and impose gender and race-based quotas. They would strip your economic freedom. All in the name of meaningless words like “common good” and “social justice”. All in the name of ephemeral ideas that serve no one, but hurt everyone. Lest we forget, even the Nazis were originally the National Socialist party …

The first sign that someone has no idea what they are talking about is their use of meaningless words. Remember that.

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